The Pirates Code of Conduct

Before we start the challenges let’s get some ground rules clear!

Pirates don’t work alone
Pirates have crews – to win treasure you must collaborate with your team
Pirates know how to network to find the answers to clues
No hostage taking or kidnapping for ransom is accepted

Pirates adapt to new technology
Pirates use all technologies available to them
No seizure of laptops, iPhones, Flips, or other Pirates’ equipment is allowed

Safe Harbours
Hot Pipi’s Cafe (free wifi with breakfast – plus 1 free coffee for each pirate team)
SCIT Tafe (free wifi, free food, free learning!)
Exhibitors stands (free stuff – prizes – new ideas for free too!)
Mooloolaba Surf Club (free drinks at Welcome Reception Wed night)

Forbidden Behaviours
No parrots allowed at SCIT (Hot Pipi’s happy to allow parrots)
No Ninjas
No walking the plank at the Surf Club

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