The Pirate Challenges

And the hunt for treasure begins after the Welcome Drinks on Wednesday evening and finishes Friday lunchtime.

Learning Technologies 2009 has enlisted the aid of pirates to ensure you leave with treasures.
In teams – crews of pirates – you will gain points through daily clues and challenges – networking and exploring technologies in ways never dreamed possible.

Learn how to engage with new technologies.
Exhibitors can hold the key to unleashing new ideas – by visiting their stands, hidden treasures may be revealed.
Presenters throughout the conference will share their treasures and lead you to further opportunities.

Flip, Tweet, tag, posterous, record, photograph, interview, re-Tweet, upload, download, email, and app them!

Any crew found NOT to be having fun will be disqualified.

The Core Challenges:

For each core challenge completed by the team – you earn 10 points.

1. Post a photo with comment of someone you haven’t met before

2. Post a team photo with caption
Where have your team been? Post a photo or 3 PLUS there’s bonus points for the photo with the best caption!

3. Post a review from an interview with an Exhibitor
First in best dressed – if another team has already interviewed an Exhibitor – you need to find one that hasn’t already been (interviewed) posted!! If all of them have been done – why not write a review in the comments from another team.

4. Post evidence that you or your team have been to Hot Pipi’s 
Did you know there’s free wifi at Hot Pipi’s if you eat breakfast there? There’s also a free coffee per team (that’s 1 per team) who turn up and identify themselves as Pirates of the SunShine Coast.
Anything counts as evidence – you just need to post it here! 😉

5. Interview a Speaker and post a review
Don’t all rush at them at once – make sure everyone has been interviewed! Remember – you get points for commenting on other team’s posts!

6. Post a Flipumentary video or comment on how it would work for you
Do you realise that you need to upload your Flip videos to a hosting site (like Vimeo?) Once you’ve done that you can use the “embed” code and add them here! Remember you need to comment on how your Flip video would work for you!

7. Post a photo of a live blog or blogger in action
What’s a live blog? Find out and post it here!

8. Post a photo and brief outline of something special at LT!
So many choices!!! Why not create an album and post several photos?

9. Review other teams’ entries and add a comment or 2

10. Write a team review of more than 1 new technology or strategy you will be (or would really like to) implementing into your practice after LT2009.

How will the judges know which team has posted?
You will need to add your pirate team name to each post – and if you are to demonstrate that all pirates contributed – then you’d better add the team members’ name too!

Need to know how to use Posterous or any other technology? Ask you pirate team first – as a back up look for other pirate organisers (Shelley, Simon, ABB, Minh)!

Any more questions? Ask them here!