Social Software Executive Mentoring

At Headshift Australia we’ve launched a new initiative: Social Software Executive Mentoring.
The concept was informed by the number of requests from learning and development practitioners who wanted to extend their knowledge about learning strategies with social software, had specific workplace contextual needs, and wanted to learn more – but in a less structured way than offered by participation in a structured course or workshop session.

The program is designed for small groups of executives (no more than 5), who will collaborate and share their experiences and strategies – gaining knowledge and confidence from within the group.

Each participant (mentoree) will negotiate their learning outcomes – based on an individual working on a project that is relevant to their business context.

The program schedule covers a 12 week period, with weekly synchronous contact sessions and asynchronous exchanges in-between.

The technology platform we’re using will enable ongoing collaboration between all group members (including the mentor, of course)  builds an architecture of participation, that will form the basis of the mentoree’s final outcomes. A process of critical reflection will be embedded in the weekly activities, designed to encourage the mentoree to analyse their research and consider application within their specified context.

The focus of the program is to not only provide guidance to the mentoree in their identified field of research, but also to facilitate transfer of knowledge to their workplace context embedded in a social learning landscape.

If you’d like more information, or to join a program, contact me: annebb <at> headshift. com

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