What do you LOVE about learning?

‘veI presented at 5 difference conferences and workshops over the last couple of  weeks – and collected some interesting data / responses to 2 questions:

1. What do you LOVE (or like) about learning?
2. What do you dislike (not hate – I didn’t go there!) about learning?

Here are the collated responses:
1. What do you LOVE about learning?
new things, discussion, sharing ideas, discovery, different perspectives, sense of achievement, empowerment.

2. What do you dislike about learning?
time commitment (huge number of responses here), lack of interaction, rote learning, long texts, too much reading, feeling stupid, information overload, being spoon fed, over structured learning, tedious sessions.

What’s missing??
No mention of assessments or assignments or competence?
Can we assume then that people don’t consider learning in the same category as assessment?
Maybe I should have asked the additional questions: what do you love about assessment? and what do you dislike about assessment??

The other issue that glares out from these results: why, as designers of learning events, do we continue provide learning events that pretty much address all of the issues covered in by the dislikes?
Institutional boundaries?
Organisational metrics driven courses?
Legislative reporting commitments?
Actually – it beats me… perhaps it’s just easier to keep doing what has been done before?
BUT – that’s not a good excuse – and I won’t be endorsing any learning designs I see reinforcing these strategies – so watch out, if I’m about to mark your assignments… there’s a message here!

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