Learning Technologies 2008 – Call for papers

It’s that time of year again….!
Time to submit a case study for the annual Learning Technologies conference in Mooloolaba, Queensland: 6 & 7 November, 2008.

This year’s theme is Connections:

Technology has had an effect on how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn. The plethora of tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, social bookmarking, streaming, YouTube, Skype, Twitter, Facebook and many more…. form the basis of new approaches to, and means of, interacting with learners, each other, and information.

The Internet is not a network of computers it is a network of people! The new technologies are increasingly focused on connecting people. It’s important for learners to create connections and develop their own networks – with other learners, with content, with teachers/mentors. It’s also important for educators to create connections and develop their own networks.

We now recognise that learners want to be active participants and require a connection on a personal level. The development and provision of collaborative learning communities, communities of practice, meaningful learning opportunities and supportive learning environments engage learners and support their learning goals. Learners do not learn from technology, technology is a tool that enables knowledge construction, collaborations, cooperation and connections across the boundaries of space and time.

Full details on the call for papers .
Due – 10th June.

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