Australian Blogging Conference

The Australian Blogging Conference
When: Friday 28th September, 2007
Where: Brisbane – QUT

"This unconference, modelled on the successful BloggerCons in the United
States, aims to redress this by providing a forum that will allow
Australian bloggers to gather together and talk about blogging and the
Australian blogosphere.  It aims to be a user-focused conference for
the Australian blogging community.   

This will not be a
conference in the traditional sense.  It will be relatively informal.
Instead of lengthy presentations, people will be invited lead
discussions on various topics throughout the day – some practical, such
as how to build a better blog, and some theoretical on the role,
influence and future of blogs."

That means no academic papers (no DEST points) – just straightforward, informal discussion and networking – a great model for inspiration and sharing ideas.
There’s a growing list of participants  on the blog – and an expanding conversation happening over at Facebook too!

I wonder if they’re going to record or stream any of the sessions…. that might encourage some participation for those unable to travel to Brissie…?