More – No – no more Facebook!

Well – while I’ve been searching for the elusive Surf Control report quoted all over the Australian media and the world… there’s not a peep about on their own website… I scoured the media release sites and couldn’t find anything more than a brief press release statement – so no report to examine – now that’s what I call security!

In the meantime – I thought I’d run my own mini-research project on Facebook usage/wastage at work.
According to my research using incredibly reliable data sources (my Facebook friends, conversations in corridors etc) the average time spent per day is about 20 minutes but… that was only 50% of respondents.
The other 50% either declined to answer my question (meaning they weren’t wasting time on Facebook) or didn’t know what Facebook was!

So – just when you thought it was OK to use Facebook – and that you weren’t going to make the country broke by wasting time (no, we waste money by holding APEC meetings) along comes the next article:

No more Facebook at Work


"ABOUT half of workers are being blocked from accessing the Facebook social networking service at work, with employers citing concerns about security and productivity loss as the reason for controlling access.

A poll conducted by tech security outfit Sophos of 600 workers found that 43 per cent said their companies blocked access to Facebook, while a further 7 per cent said access was restricted to people that had a specific business requirement for being on the site.

In contrast, 50 percent of respondents said that their company did not block access to Facebook, with eight percent specifying that the reason was fear of employee backlash."

[but wait… there’s more….]


"Sophos says Facebok presents serious security concerns.

The company said large numbers of Facebook profile pages contain users’ current employment details, which could be used together with other stolen information by cybercriminals bent on committing corporate fraud, or to infiltrate company networks."

And if you want to find out about how to steal someone’s identity from Facebook – drop by the Sophos site! They can explain in detail how they set up a fake ID with a green plastic frog and then invite friends – What an interesting approach from a security company, kind of like entrapment?
Their results are based on who responded to the placcie frog!
Brilliant piece of research!
Now readers, the moral of the story: beware green plastic frogs – they could be hidden security company researchers!
And stop wasting time reading blogs about wasting time using social networks and green plastic frogs!

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