Rich Media Communications – LTUG Event

This is an LTUG Product Showcase event
Date: 12 September
Time: 9am – 9:45am AEST (Aust Eastern Standard Time)
Where: Your computer
Topic: Rich Media Communications
Presenter: Julian Lefebvre

Video over the Internet is exploding in all forms, as evidenced by the recent acquisition of YouTube by Google.

This presentation will explore the emerging world of live and on-demand visual/audio communications combining elements of Web 2.0, webcasting, online content search and knowledge retrieval into a powerful new form of information exchange, also known as rich
media communications.

Julian Lefebvre will reveal some of the new ways the industry and Sonic Foundry, Inc. are advancing this technology and communication medium and transforming the way corporate, government and education enterprises capture and convey knowledge.

Along with continuous advancements in its Mediasite® communications platform, Sonic Foundry has recently begun showcasing its advanced rich media search capabilities, allowing for easy identification and retrieval of specific content within rich media presentations.
You will see demonstrations of new search solutions encompassing speech recognition, phonetic search, optical character recognition, language processing and contextual analysis resulting from years of extensive technology research and development.

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