Removed from Jay Cross’ email list…!

I received an email this morning… from Jay Cross’ Internet Time Group … and right there, in the first line was…

"Dear Anne
I am removing your name from my mailing list….."

Gulp… what had I done wrong??
Because you need to read on….

"In fact, I am destroying the entire list.
Newsletters cause more annoyance than good, so I shutting this one down. Shotgun email marketing doesn’t fit the way I want to do business. "

Jay has liberated me from his email newsletter! (and 3,776 other people!)
Now this email has had the most positive effect on my day – it’s made me realise how many email newsletters I receive and how annoying they are….
Well – actually, email is really annoying – but that’s another story!
Most of the email newsletters I receive I have also subscribed to by RSS feed into my Netvibes account. So effectively I’m clogging up my Inbox with extra reading…

I’ve also been encouraging the MentorNet particpants – women in small business –  to use blogs with RSS as their newsletters, rather than email newsletters. But they’ve been very hesitant and skeptical – I just can’t wait to show them this!
As far as I know – Jay is one of the first to officially pronounce this action!

Come on everyone – let’s see some more of this!

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