BlogTalks Reloaded – the book

Now available!
Thomas Burg and Jan Schmidt have gathered a collection of papers based on presentations from the BlogTalk Reloaded conference in Vienna, 2006 and published them into the lastest in the BlogTalk book collection.

My copy has just arrived in Sydney (sometimes a challenge to get things from Austria – I think the postal workers get a little confused by the country names – perhaps they’re just too similar!).

It’s a diverse collection of social software perspectives and a valuable contribution to the growing body of knowledge – here’s the table of contents:

Danah Boyd: The significance of social software
Jan Schmidt:  Social Software: Facilitating information-, identity- and relationship management
Adolfo Estalella:  Blogs: From communicative to connective artefacts
Raquel da Cunha Recuero:  Memes and social dynamics in weblogs
Elmine Wijnia / Ton Zijlstra: The IFCCC Patchwork Portal
Alexandre Passant / Jean-David Sta / Philippe Laublet: Folksonomies, ontologies and corporate blogging
Uldis Bojars / John Breslin / Alexandre Passant: SIOC Browser – Towards a richer blog browsing experience
Kathleen Fitzpatrick: The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, the Serial, and the Narrative Archive
Roland Abold / Maren Heltsche: Weblogs in political campaigns: The critical success factors
Anne Bartlett-Bragg: Reflections on pedagogy: Understanding adult learners’ experiences of weblogs

Thanks for all your efforts Thomas & Jan – which was not without a few challenges!
You can order a copy of the book through (except it’s in German) – so you might like to order through the ISBN: 3833496142 !


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2 thoughts on “BlogTalks Reloaded – the book

  1. Hi Anne,
    We got our copies too! Yay! It feels nice to get a book in my hands, as tangible outcome from the conference. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you’ve got results from something if it’s all intangible. A physical reminder like a book appeals to very old instincts of offloading clues to the environment.
    I guess this means the academic paper publication circuit will be around for a while longer 🙂

  2. Blog for deeper learning

    Theres not a lot of research on blogging in education but Ann Bartlett-Bragg has done some on the social aspects of the learning process using weblogs in her Reflections on Pedagogy: Understanding Adult Learners Experiences of Weblogs…

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