Virtual Worlds and 3D in Online Education: Webinar

LTUG  webinar: 3 May, 2007

is currently an explosion in the number of online 3D virtual worlds.
This development could even be heralding the next evolution of the
Internet – the 3D web.
In this webinar we will explore the following:

  • What are online 3D virtual worlds?
  • How are educators using these 3D environments for online education?
  • Why do educators need to pay attention to online 3D virtual worlds?
  • We will focus on Second Life, one of the more popular and flexible online 3D virtual worlds.

Your presenter:
Sean FitzGerald is an independent researcher, consultant, trainer and presenter with a passion for emerging technologies and their impact upon society. He has been involved in projects exploring the use of Web 2.0 tools – such as blogs, wikis and podcasting – in education and supporting educators experimenting with these tools and accompanying learning models. His current research focuses on online 3D virtual worlds.

Date: 3 May,2007
Time: 4pm – 5pm AEST (Sydney time)
Where: Your computer via web conference

Cost: FREE for LTUG Full Members*, A$25pp Associate Members, A$35pp Non-members
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One thought on “Virtual Worlds and 3D in Online Education: Webinar

  1. Virtual Real Worlds.
    3D virtual real worlds are computational 3D environments within which single and up to 32 individuals can reside and interact, as avatars of their choosing. Avatars can interact with the virtual world and with each other in different ways. Developing interactive 3D models and environments for virtual worlds has been the focus for most of the virtual world design platforms. This focus leads to an emphasis on the visual and audible aspect of the virtual worlds. In these visualization-focused environments of the virtual real worlds, interactions are attached or attributed to 3D models to support predefined actions such as animations, warping, triggering events, and teleporting to other virtual worlds. Typically, a real world environment also supports avatar movements and interpersonal communication by talking and body language. Mellanium Design uses a well tried, stable, and tested platform for the development and production of the 3D virtual real worlds. 3D models, interactivity, and avatars to represent the location of a person are incorporated in the environment within the virtual real world.
    The uses of these virtual real worlds are limitless; education, marketing, entertainment, conferences, meetings, social gatherings, business networking, are just some of the applications now being experienced. and for more information.
    Ken Rigby for MellaniuM design and Tele3DWorld

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