AIMIA Award winners

The 13th annual Australian Interactive Media Industry Association awards were held  earlier this month (March 2007)  – Carol has been trawling through the winners and finalists and selected some of her favourites…listed below:

Winner: Best Learning & Education
Frog Pond Habitat  – Congratulations to David Hegarty and all the team at Cadre Design in Sydney!

Finalist: Netty’s World  

Winner: Best Children’s
Chiko Accidental Alien

 Finalist: Best Children’s

 Winner: Best Non-profit
CanTeen’s Save Rapunzel

 Finalist: Best Student Developed Content
Fragile Pieces

 Finalist: Best Cultural, Lifestyle or Sport
The Harvest of Endurance scroll interactive

 Finalist: Best Word-of-mouth, Peer-to-peer or Viral Communication
Boags Draught Tester Reserve
This is not for the feint hearted, but if you’re game, go to Drill Sergeant and run yourself through. Interesting use of video combined with responses to your answers.

 Nudist Trampolining
This is DEFINITELY not for the feint hearted – but the game is rather fun!

Finalist: Best Interactive Advertising & Marketing
The Platinum Human Testing Facility

And there’s still more over at the AIMIA site !!