DocWorks in elgg Spaces

The world has changed (in case it hasn’t been brought to your attention lately!)!!
At UTS, in the Faculty of Education, all new Doctoral students will be using elgg Spaces as a Research Journal!!

This is huge – when only 3  – or was it 4 years ago? – my work with weblogs in education was.. well, viewed with suspicion or skepticism!!
Now we are embracing them as part of the Doctoral process and the contents will be submissible as part of a portfolio of evidence! Wow!

I did a workshop with the students on Saturday – and once everyone has logged in (a few technical hitches) – they’re all preparing enthusiastically for the writing tasks ahead of them!

It’s exciting – and thanks to Alison Lee for acknowledging the value and added dimension weblogs can provide the students throughout their doctoral process!

I’ll write more on this as they progress…