Social Software week….

I’m officially declaring this week Social Software week!
Because of the amount of workshops, webinars, focus groups, and discussions that are occurring this week….
If I can take poetic license and start the week from Saturday 25th – there was a 3am meeting with Sebastian Fiedler and Lee Bryant (Headshift) as we start to construct the learning environment for the MentorNet Young Women Entrepreneurs program.
Followed by a full day workshop at UTS for Diploma of e-Learning participants reviewing emerging trends in corporate learning contexts on Tuesday 28th….
I had to cancel a meeting with Jane Fischer from Lab3000 to set-up and assist a Webex seminar on Wednesday evening.
Thursday 30th… I’m participating in a focus group with Val Evans on Social Software for Staff Learning and Development…
Then presenting at the AITD Queensland conference via Webex on Collaborative Learning and Social Software..
Friday is about more MentorNet planning, building and mashing-up with Anu at Headshift…..

So – is it just me – or is there a sudden increase in the interest surrounding social software in the learning contexts??

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