Swamps, Fog & Jetlag

I’m back in Sydney after an amazing 3 weeks in Europe – can’t believe how fast it went and how much I packed into it….
However, I’m back… and I’m now wading through a swamp of emails – so if I take longer than usual to respond…sorry about that…
Then there’s the fog….the jetlag fog…. it really is the most annoying part of travel… 38 hours after leaving my hotel in Vienna I arrived home in Sydney… and now the fog comes in…. My brain is just not adjusting to the timezone changes as quickly as I’d like it to… my sleep patterns are upside down – not to mention eating patterns… when you’re awake you want to be asleep, and when you’re asleep (or trying to) I keep waking up hungry…
I’m also forgetting to do things… no, it’s not selective memory…it’s jetlag fog… your brain just switches off sometimes…
It’s the usual pattern – for every hour of time change you have 1 day to adjust – so I should be right in about 10 days…. or so…..
Apologies to anyone that has received some incoherent waffle from me….
There will be more posts relating to the conferences I attended soon – when I’ve waded through the swamp and the fog has cleared….

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