I love being able to get away for extended periods of time and still appear to be at work in Sydney!
However, achieving this means I’m reliant on some degree of connectivity on a regular basis… after all, I might be in Europe but I’m not on holidays and there are a couple of cohorts of learners that still require my online presence.
So – here I am in Javea, Spain (one of the most beautiful Meditteranean locations) and….no connectivity!!!
The landline in the villa is down (Telefonica are working on it – but I have to show the Police my passport, to certify my ID and then they will fix it…..in a few days time).
Can I be offline for over a week? hmmmm – no!
There’s only 1 internet cafe in the village – but I can’t find it….it must be virtual! My 3G Aussie mobile is on global roaming but not connecting to a 3 network so I can’t use the phone as a modem. So – it’s time to get ingenious!
I’ve now been picked-up by the Guardia (traffice police) driving around the village searching for unsecured wireless networks…. luckily they just laughed (probably thinking “crazy foreigner”) AND I’ve found a couple of networks on the main cafe strip at the beach…. the connection is slow, but it at least it works! Now there’s the added dimension of carrying around the laptop at the beach….sand, suntan lotion and security….another challenge!
Still it works – so once a day I drive down to the village to go online and download emails…
But what happens when much of your work is embedded in web-based applications (like LMSs) and research and readings are accessible only through web-based programs?
Go without for a week? But I came down here to catch-up on readings and get some research done…so the only option is to think about all the web pages you want to access and open numerous browser windows – BUT – that only works for static pages and not actioning web-based applications (still thinking LMSs). Looks like my learners will have a week free from my interventions – and perhaps this is a good thing?!!
Makes me think about some of the applications I select for my learners – am I assuming everyone has the same level of high speed connectivity….probably – and then by assuming this I’m likely to be inhibiting learning opportunities for those less-connected!

Back to London on Saturday – back to high speed wireless connectivity, leaving behind perfect sunny days, balmy nights, tapas, vinos…..hmmm…maybe this un-connectedness wasn’t so bad once I’d come to terms with the feelings of dis-connectedness!