Daylight savings dilemas….

Are you aware that if you live in the eastern States of Australia that you are NOT getting that extra hour of sleep back this weekend?
Were you also aware that your computer doesn’t know this?

What am I babbling on about?
Daylight savings !!!!!
Daylight savings is NOT finishing this weekend (as usual – as scheduled – as your computer thinks it is) – because of the Commonwealth Games (always a sporting reason), Daylight Savings has been extended for 1 week! We now turn our clocks back 1 hour when you go to bed Saturday 1 April….

So – next week – you have an excuse for missing meetings, appointments of any kind, in fact, just about anything you’d like to be late for by 1 hour! Unless of course you change your computer settings…then remember to change them again the following week…..

According to a SMH article – Daylight Savings may muddle computers – there are patches:

"According to Microsoft, the date change will affect Microsoft Windows, Exchange Server and Office which contain pre-set daylight savings information.
Although a patch to fix the date setting was been automatically issued to customers using Microsoft Update, it warns this may not update appointment times that were already scheduled in calendar applications such as Outlook for between 3.00am March 26th and 3.00am on April 2nd.
Those that do not receive automatic updates of Microsoft patches can download it from the company’s website, along with instructions on how to uninstall it after the date change.
Apple has also released an update for Mac OS X customers to account for the daylight saving update. For users that don’t receive automatic software updates, the company advises them to click on Software Update on the top menu bar under the Apple logo to ensure their computer is set at the correct time."

Doesn’t sound very convincing to me…and as an Outlook user…well, I’ll just have to dust off the Sun dial!!! But hang on – that will be wrong too – won’t it??

If you’re in Europe – you’re fine – you’re not effected by the Aussie sport schedules – you go onto Summer Time – as always – this weekend. Please excuse us southern hemisphere dwellers if we seem a little unsure about things next week!