e-Learning Pathways webinar

Following the podcast from Jean Clendinning, here’s the information about the upcoming webinar:
Date: 29th March, 2006
Time: 3.30 – 4.30pm (Eastern Daylight Savings time – Sydney local time)

The Pathways is a flexible framework for developing e-Professionals to accommodate new and emerging trends in learning particularly in "e" space. The Pathways is applicable in Australia, it assists learning professionals and organisations to map and plan their professional development and careet progression by benchmarking the skills, competenices, knowledge, and qualifications required of e-Professionals. The Pathways also identifies and maps appropriate accredited competencies and qualifications from the Australian Qualifications Framework.

The Pathways enables managers and organisations to clarify roles, identify new skills and competenies, develop their learning professionals, recruit skilled and competent e-Professionals. It can be used to design and develop high quality, relevant and cost effective professional development directly linked to competencies and job role.

The Pathways consists of:

  • Four e-learning professional roles (e-Assessor, e-Tutor, e-Designer and e-Manager)

  • For each e-role it includes – role definition, possible career progression, identifies qualifications and competencies relating to the 3 main performance stages in one career eg entry, performing and progression.

  • An accredited learning pathway for each e-role.

  • Eight foundation technical competencies – it aligns each foundation competency to each individual e-role.

  • Describes standard technical competencies for each e-role – this includes skill, knowledge and experience required, learning opportunities in the form of formal and informal learning.

  • Describes and maps additional standard technical competencies for each role – this enables individuals to pick and identify appropriate standard competencies reflective of their particular situation, tasks and e-role.

  • Provides resources for learning professionals – books, websites and related courses.

  • Provides 3 examples of learning pathways in action – learning pathways of three individual e-roles is provided as a guide.

The Pathways was developed by Jean Clendinning through a NSW LearnScope Individual Project in 2004-2005.  It was jointly sponsored by NSW LearnScope and Insurance Australia Group (IAG). 

Join the webinar and participate with Jean in a discussion about the Pathways.
email me to register!