The Knowledge Tree goes mobile…

The Knowledge Tree edition 8 is out – AND – you can now access it via your mobile or handheld device!

Here’s what’s inside:

Edition 8 focuses on tensions in the convergence of e-learning and e-business.

Technology change management and design specialist Professor Ann Majchrzak, and colleagues from the University of Southern California, consider the role of improvisation and shifting leadership in the management of global business projects, in the lead article, ‘Managing Emergent Work: Revisiting Jazz Lessons’.

Voice technology specialist Michael Coghlan commentates on social software for e-business in the age of connectivism (in a timesaving podcast format) while e-learning strategist Margaret O’Connell critiques how businesses use and can use e-learning, and how it is perceived as a business.

Short industry-focussed video interviews feature e-business and e-learning experts, including

Ghent University’s ‘Instructional Sciences’ Professor Dr Martin Valcke, with hints on corporate-education partnerships. Others offer insights on the e-business supply chain, new directions in mobile learning, induction by e-learning and practical approaches to e-learning.

Articles question when social interaction in corporate e-learning is necessary, investigate the gap in e-learning readiness between enterprises and training organisations, challenge the need for flashy multimedia and reflect on networking as a driver of e-learning.

Current research features a selection of useful e-business RSS feeds.

Details of how to set up and configure your particular mobile device are available from the Mobile Learning Practitioners Network forum. Free registration is required (it’s one of the Edna groups). Any feedback from mobile device users on this experiment is be very welcome.

There’s also a live conversation that looks like a must join…just watch out for firewalls! I can’t access Elluminate from my insitiution, so it might be a work from home day!

Read the lead article ‘Managing Emergent Work: Revisiting Jazz Lessons’, and join the live online conversation with international co-authors Ann Majchrzak, Dave Logan, Mathias Kirchmer and Ron McCurdy on the role of improvisation and shifting leadership in the management of global business projects.
Time: February 28th, 2006 at 2pm Australian ESST (Daylight Saving),  28/2 at  4 pm New Zealand, 2/27 7p PST, 2/27 10p EST – United States.
Location: The Australian Flexible Learning Framework’s virtual office in Learning Times Australia at