Online Educa – Review # 2

Another contribution from Carol Daunt:

  1. "Sir John Daniel, President & CEO, The Commonwealth of Learning, Canada addressed the topic: Digital Divide to Digital Dividend: What Will It Take?

    He first posed the question: Does e-learning fit the bill?
    In developing countries there are 4 billion people who need education. Can we combine connectivity to learning resources? He spoke about open educational resources (OERs) that apply to teaching & learning. These have the basic principle of sharing. There are several barriers to sharing: not invented here, copyright, non-digital formats.

    There are 4 questions to ask about e-learning:
    – Accessible? – connectivity, OERs available
    – Appropriate?
    – Accredited? How to promote trust & confidence?  UNESCO  guidelines
    – Affordable?

    Barriers to e-learning
    *Issues of bandwidth:
    – Telecoms legislation & monopolies
    – Little joint buying – institutions should club together to buy bandwidth
    – Poor policy & management

    * Non-technical issues
    – institutional development
    – Academic issues – choice of program, being student centred
    – National & international environment – need for partnerships &
    – Management – propriety or open source?

    **Some sites for follow-up:
    COL Learning Object Repository

    LMS Evaluation Tool User Guide

    Lots of reports about e-learning across the Commonwealth:

    The Commonwealth of Learning Virtual University

    UNESCO virtual university