LT2005 is now over….

LT2005 conference may be over, but the conversations continue….visit the LT2005 wiki for the continuing collaborative space.

Some recurring themes that had people talking down at Hot Pipi’s Cafe:

  • The essay is dead – long live the video essay – thanks Adrian!
  • TRC – Triple Ring Circus – to describe the rich learning environments – particularly through Elluminate – thanks to Michael Coghlan!
  • "no-one said we couldn’t do it….!" – thanks to Paul Bray
  • planting idea bombs – that’s Adrian again!
  • synchronous communication – so much happening here – lots of web conferencing, video conferencing, chat – looks like that human element is really taking over (finally).
  • Visit Claire Bartlett’s paper from the conference – some really inspiring implementation strategies here from her practice with indigenous educators! – I think Claire received the most votes for most inspiring speaker!

That’s all for now – visit the conference wiki to get some expanded thoughts!