Everything 2.0

I’ve been meaning to pulling together a post on e-Learning 2.0 – but in the meantime I was rather impressed (and amused) by Sebastian’s Me 2.0 post that refers to Alan Levine’s Me 2.0 collection…here’s an overview of Alan’s collection:

* Web 2.0 The Conference (heck I could not even make it to Web 1.0)
* Web 2.0 Central (flashing, blinking, and ad laden)
* E-Learning 2.0
* Business 2.0 (actually, that one’s been out for a long time)
* Identity 2.0 ("the next generation of identity", a drivers license is like so Identity 1.0… thanks Stephen)
* Cafe 2.0 (does it leave room for cream at the top?)
* Innovation 2.0 (1.0 = dot.bom.0? Thanks D’Arcy)
* plus another 17,000,000 Googles

"Me 2.0 refers to a perceived transition of me from a collection of molecules to a full-fledged platform serving widgets to fools. The proponents of this thinking expect that ultimately My 2.0 services will replace all human applications for many purposes."

and they’re asking where it will all end….???
Well – this morning’s Sydney Morning Herald’s lead article in the technology feature Next is probably taking it to the limit …. Human 2.0 !!!!