Educational Gaming Conference

NMC Online Conference on Educational Gaming
December 7-8, 2005 –( via the Internet – obviously)
What the organisers say:

"Educational gaming has seemed tantalizingly close, yet somehow not quite within our reach for a number of years. The singular focus of the Online Conference on Educational Gaming, part of the NMC’s Series of Online Conferences, is to explore the state of this art, where things are heading, and what might be on the horizon.

This unique online event will include sessions on topics from using games in practice to gaming research, from gaming and engagement theory to implications for multimedia and web design, and more. The event will be conducted entirely live and online using conferencing tools and real time facilitation approaches provided by NMC distinguished partner LearningTimes."

The format looks interesting (although I presume the live events will be based on US times – which usually requires rather early starts for the Aussies!)

"The conference will feature 30-minute live breakout sessions conducted in an interactive online format, each with a "live/interactive" component, a "presentation-on-demand" component, and a vibrant threaded discussion that will expand on and illuminate the topic.

Designed for both synchronous and asynchronous participants, the event will be conducted entirely online using an innovative conferencing environment provided by NMC distinguished partner LearningTimes. Attendees of NMC’s online meetings enjoy a wide range of features commonly associated with their traditional face-to-face conferences, including interactive sessions from engaging presenters, "hallway" conversations, exhibitions, chats with exhibitors, chances to ask presenters questions, and more. "

Proposals for presentations or sessions are due by 4 November 2005 – check the NMC site for the full details.