The Future of e-Learning

Alison Bickford – Roche
Mark Lee – Enable Learning, Charles Sturt Uni

Mark: a quick tour of m-learning, blogging & RSS….
Where does the future of e-Learning lie…?

  • in the content….
  • in the tools/technology
  • in the people…

I reckon it’s in the way people interact with the content through the technology….Mark wouldn’t tell us his opinion!

Open Source  – Mark covered the increasing lists of open source software available to learning professionals.
P2P networks and the impact of this – Napster giving p2p a bad name…however
the Napsterisation of e-Learning was an interesting take on it!
Blogs – sees blogs as the emergence of the read/write web (web2.0) – hmmmm – not terribly happy with Mark’s take on blogs as personal soap boxes…and how that can influence learning…
although he did leap across to e-Portfolios here…
Wikis – of course we looked at Wikipedia! Mark sees wikis being used by the learner as a curator of knowledge…and sharing their existing knowledge…..
RSS – not sure Mark managed to explain this very simply to this audience – I think they’re lost..lots of blank faces here….probably helped a little when he said "Order out of chaos"…but I still don’t think they got it…

Mark used a graphic from Small Technologies Lossely Joined – linking wikis, blogs, discussion boards – linked through RSS….if I was new to all of this – it would have really scared me!!!!

m-Learning – bite sized learning moments on portable devices…a clearer definiton than the blogs/wikis/RSS ones!
Believes true mobile learning will only occur if you free your eyes and hands – that is by listening to MP3 players….what happens if you’re a visual learner?
Podcasting – I think he’s just lost them again when he started talking about the RSS enclosures….

Used the graphic of the Future VLE – seen this one around a lot lately – I think it’s Scott Wilson’s and I’m pretty sure I saw it related to the ELGG project – but Mark had added all sorts of other product names…hmmmm….

Alison: What does e-Learning mean to the L&D professional?
Quoted George Siemens about environmental changes…
Quoted Bates – good technology does not save bad teaching. It not only makes it worse – it makes it unavoidable..

L&D practitioners need to know about existing & emerging technologies – ABSOLUTELY!!!

Technology provides new learning opportunities:

  • move the emphasis from linear to continuous
  • move emphasis that is remote learning that is immediate in proximity and highly contextual
  • move the emphasis from learning that is….ooooh – she changed slides…bummer…

the L&D role as a conduit for the learners…
Go back to the basics and revisit learning theories and consider how to apply this to e-Learning…

3 thoughts on “The Future of e-Learning

  1. Hi Anne
    How thoughtless of me to move the slide so fast šŸ™‚ It was about our in-house elearning philosophy and it read:
    * Move the emphasis from linear learning to continuous learning
    * Move the emphasis from learning that is remote to learning that is immediate in proximity and highly contextual
    * Move the emphasis from learning that is controlled by L&D to learning that is controlled by the learner
    * Move the emphasis from L&D as a disseminator of information to L&D as a partner in learning
    Amongst the wisdom of Anne, Shirley and others presenting today, I’m a relative novice in learning and e-learning. However, I’m lucky to be in a role where I am practically applying elearning solutions, using in-house technologies and design know-how. I’m very happy to share lessons learnt with anyone who may be just starting out in developing organisational elearning strategy and solutions.

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