Gaining Management Support

Presentation from Richard Davis – Oracle, Paul Hardwick – Seertech, & Scott Mahoney – Omni Pacific Australia.

Scott Mahoney – Omni Pacific Australia

Technology is not the focus – getting anything to work is about why you’re doing it – managing people’s expectations.

What are the processes you need to go through to develop a business case – initially and to maintain ongoing support.

"e-Learning is a tool – not a panacea and is not the right solution for all your training needs"….really??? hmmmm – not sure I totally agree with the e-Learning is a tool statement….isn’t that over simplifying and potentially ignoring the social dimension?

8 stages of e-Learning success:

  1. Research
  2. Align
  3. Assess
  4. Confirm
  5. Solution
  6. Execute
  7. Evaluate
  8. Market

7 phases of organisational e-Larning drivers:

  1. Compliance training – government legislation
  2. Business needs –
  3. Supply chain training
  4. Value chain training – train your clients
  5. Embedded learning – not a discrete function – part of your operational processes
  6. Learning cultures – self sustaining cultures
  7. ooops – he changed the slide before I could finish…bummer!

How to get stakeholder support: Trust + Cost = Value

How to keep ongoing management support: Paul Hardwick

Demonstrate ROI – probably via reduced administration, classroom or instructor costs.

Create a competivite advantage by delivering, on-demand learning that supports business imperatives…

"ROI is perhaps more difficult to determine"…..hmmmm

"e-Learning is not the same as a normal IT based project"….profound!

"a LMS can help your organisation move into a strategic approach to learning" – really – how? Isn’t it just an empty database type piece of software?

aaah – all is revealed – by tracking learning events…

And you can use it to reduce administration workloads…no more Excel spreadsheets…

And…did you know that "LMS platforms have potential applications that people have not thought of – communication processes"….what a relevation!

Take home message: evaluate your success…