National Training Day

Celebrate the Australian National Training Day by joining the Enterprise Training & Learning Solutions Symposium in Sydney – 18th November, 2005 – at the newly re-furbished Hilton Hotel.

** Special offer to LTUG members ** save 20% on the registration by putting "LTUG" in the promo code box!

Here’s a program snapshot:

  • CHARITY BREAKFASTnourish your brain, body & soul (proceeds to the Clown Doctors)
  • KEYNOTES  – industry leaders, telling it as it is 
  • PANEL experts present, discuss and challenge
  • WORKSHOPS – ‘power hour’ specialists take the gloves off

Themes include:

  • From e-learning to c-learning
  • What Chief Executives really think about training
  • Teaching and learning in an online environment
  • The revolution of the new ‘professional’ – can technology based training really help
  • Building "Fit For Purpose" organisations
  • Mapping the perceptions of customers and staff
  • From e to f – the future of e-learning
  • Learn how to learn online
  • DIY e-learning- Everyone’s doing it better and more often than me

See you there!