Here’s an opportunity not to be missed!

James Farmer has launched a new service – – here’s what he says about it: is an totally unique project aimed at teachers, researchers, writers and educators the world over.

Basically you get to set up a free WordPress blog (by far the best blogging platform out there!), 10MB of upload space (extending to much much more down the line), an enormous stack of beautiful themes and to be part of a unique community.

You could use a blog to record and annotate important resources and ideas, to propose and discuss anything under the sun, to progressively develop your thesis, to publicise and discuss your publications with the world or just to develop your digital identity.

Either way, is a no-strings-attached, open source, ongoing and freely available service for you and you’re invited to take part!

A great innovation from James to assist educators that may not have access to servers to host blogs for their students, as a research tool, or even their own personal blogs!

All my students use WordPress weblogs – they’re great – thanks James – hope this is a HUGE success!