Time to resuscitate this weblog!

Digital Dialogues, my PhD weblog, has been badly neglected over the last few months (or slightly longer)…excuses?? Plenty….too much work, not enough time, running the Learning Technologies weblog for LTUG, distracted by the BlogTalk Downunder conference…well, that should do as far as excuses are concerned…there are more….but…time to move on!

It’s time to re-invigorate, resuscitate, and refresh this weblog that will directly relate to my PhD work – if that doesn’t interest you – and you want a broader perspective on Learning Technologies I suggest you belong over at the LTUG weblog!

I’m currently in London, taking the mid-semester break from Australia (and a break from the winter weather – although Sydney does seem warmer in winter than London in summer….some of the time!) and preparing my PhD data for analysis! Along with preparing subjects for next semester, writing a couple of articles and meeting with European based colleagues!

This semester I am committed to more writing, data analysis, and revisiting literature from my early stages of research. I’m intending to weave this together to form a basis for my Doctoral Assessment that is scheduled for December, this year! So – on with the resuscitation!