Podcasting in Education

Lots of dialogue (or should that be podcasts) going on around podcasting in education at the moment – have a look at some of the sites below to get across the latest…..
I just have a few thoughts here – why are we recording such long audio files….?
Think about the younger generation learners – the ones who have iPods glued to their ears…what are they listening to? Music!
Are they listening to lectures? Long (often uninspiring) monologues, instead of coming to lectures? NO
They’re listening to music (short time frames), or recorded programs (like Triple J) that inlcude music and interviews….
So why, as educators, would we want to be recording our lectures/classes? Beats me!
Personally – I think the use of podcasts has some enormous potential in educational settings – but we need to very carefully re-think our paradigms of audio content.
If any LTUG-er is using podcasts in their practice – we’d love to hear from you – take this opportunity to share your ideas with the group!
Perhaps a good place to start might be this article from ASTD’s Learning Circuits:
From James Farmer at Incsub (some of the members will know James from the weblog workshops)
From The Australian ITPower to the Podcasters
MP3s and iPods Aren’t Just for Music These Daysfrom the Chief Learning Officer
They’re suggesting 3 – 5 minute audio files – now we’re talking!!!
Podcasts from Campus Technology Journal at the InfoComm 2005 conference in Las Vegas.
Lots of podcasts to listen to, download and absorb – but you know what I’d like them to tell me first – how long is the podcast and what is the size of the download!
Here’s a thought provoking article from the Harvard Business School that challenges the standard employee-orientation model!