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It might be winter, and it might be raining (particularly down the east coast of Australia) but there’s some really good events happening down here! Another – not to be missed one for your calendars:

Building Thriving Learning Communities Seminar

  • Where: Sydney
  • When: 18 July, 2005  10am – 3pm
  • Organised by, this seminar focusing on communities of practice will offer:

    – Practical ideas to assist you to build learning communities and maximise
    the potential within your community;
    – Opportunities to build relationships with peers and practitioners from
    innovative organisations;
    – Contemporary thinking about learning communities.

    Keynote speaker for this seminar is Dr Etienne Wenger, the pioneer of "Communities of practice" research and globally recognised as the pre-eminent thought leader in this field.
    Further information including registration details is available at: