Are You Podcasting yet?

Not Podcasting yet?? Everyone else is…..!

I’m going to provide you with a few links, so you can explore for yourself the potential here for learning!

Don’t know what podcasting is? Here’s a definition from Wikipedia:

Podcasting is a way of publishing files to a website (often a blog) that allows users to subscribe to the site and receive new files as they are posted. Most podcasts are spoken word audio created by individuals, often on a particular theme… Because new files are downloaded automatically by subscribers, podcasting allows individuals to have a self-published, syndicated radio show.

Users subscribe to podcasts using podcast reader software, which periodically checks for and downloads new content. It can then sync these to the user’s portable music player, hence the portmanteau of Apple’s "iPod" and "broadcasting." However, podcasting does not require an iPod: any digital audio player or computer with the appropriate software can play podcasts.

Podcasting can be thought of as an audio magazine subscription, in that a subscriber receives programs without having to get them, and can listen to them at leisure.

Does that help? Basically, it’s MP3 files that are recorded and you access them (whenever you like) download them – onto your computer or MP3 player (including mobile phones with MP3 players!) and you listen to it whenever it suits you!!!

Here are some sites to "listen" too:

The Podcast Network – I’m hoping Mick will be presenting a webinar for us later in the year!

The BBC is podcasting programmes!

Have a look at iPodder for a huge directory of podcasts – including some for education!

Corante also have some interesting podcasts available and commentary on the use of podcasts!

So – get out your MP3 players and start listening! I think these should keep your ears humming for a while!

And then…just start to imagine the potential for education….