Scenario-based Questions

What’s the best way to measure learning with scenario-based questions?
Scenario-based questions present learners with realistic situations and ask them to make decisions appropriate for those situations. These questions, sometimes called simulation-like questions, are much more effective than traditional knowledge-based questions because they prepare learners to remember what to do. Scenario-based questions can also be used as tools for assessing learning.

Suppose you’re running a 3-day workshop. Which of the following methods would provide the best measure of how likely it is that learners could remember what they learned as they perform their jobs?

  • Provide scenario-based questions at the end of the workshop’s final day.
  • Provide scenario-based questions four days after the end of the workshop.
  • Provide traditional knowledge-based questions at the workshop’s end and four days afterward.

Answering this question from Work-Learning Research will give you comprehensive feedback about the effective use of pre-questions: