December Overview

It’s nearly Christmas and most people have their focus firmly on holidays, eating, social events, Xmas shopping, and spending time researching new technologies to incorporate into our practices in 2005 – don’t we???
2005 looks like being a really interesting and exciting year from a learning technologies perspective – lots of new developments and improved access to enhanced software options….
Watch out for our series of workshops and webinars on blogs.
Join our webinar series that will interview the winners of the ALTR awards from the Learning Technologies 2004 conference – you can read more about these innovative practitioners on the LT2004 website:
Plus, we’ll be exploring some emerging technologies and examining their uses in the educational context – like podcasting and m-learning!
If anyone has already starting using these or other innovative technolgies to enhance their practice, we’d love to hear from you – it’s only through sharing our practices that we can start to develop sound pedagogical strategies!
That’s all for now – have a safe & happy festive season!
PS. We have a new website!
We’ve managed to secure our own web address:
If you have us bookmarked (and why wouldn’t you?), then please remember to update your Favourites!