November Overview

Well, the November conference flurry is nearly over – what a month!!!!
I’m still trying to catch-up on all the events that occurred online in NetWorking 2004 (participants have until 31 Dec to gather goodies!), and then of course, there’s the recovery from the Learning Technologies 2004 in Mooloolaba!
I have to say that the LT2004 was one of the most inspiring conferences I’ve attended for a long while – it was so invigorating to be among such a committed group of learning practitioners who have been able to integrate exciting opportunities with technology that enhance learning – whether through access for remote learners or embracing technologies used by their students into their practice!
The award winners from LT2004 were terrific – and LTUG members will be able to hear about their practices through webinars that we will present in 2005! Watch this space for a calendar of events!
Thank-you to all presenters and participants at LT2004 for reminding me how important innovation is in our practice!
Welcome also to all our new members who took up the special offer from LT2004 – I hope you gain valuable insight and information from joining the LTUG community!
I know I do "blog on" a bit – but I’m passionate about getting my message across all disciplines and fields in the learning profession. A couple of events to mark in your calendars on blogging – see below in the Events section for more details – 14th December – LTUG webinar on blogs (free to members) and 20/21 May 2005 the first BlogTalk Downunder conference to be held in Sydney!
That’s all for this month – there will be a December festivie e-zine – in the meantime…I’m back to marking final assignments for end of semester!