Learning Circuits 2004 Survey results

Rather than review a specific case study this month, I thought it may be of interest to LTUG readers to review the survey results from Learning Circuits – ASTDs (American Society for Training & Development) e-zine. In August and September of 2004, Learning Circuits ran two separate online surveys. The first survey, Learning Circuits Annual Trends Survey, asked LC readers about their general use of e-learning. It focused on respondents’ current level of involvement in e-learning and budget dollars dedicated to e-learning. The second questionnaire, Learning Circuits E-Learning Readiness Survey asked respondents about specific tools they were using and to indicate management and employee support levels for e-learning.
There are some interesting results:
eg. under the "Organisational perception of e-Learning" heading – 41.9% of managers report not preceiving e-Learning as "real" learning – not that’s a challenge for us! With the cost to implement e-learning as the number 1 concern for 52% of managers responding to the survey.
From the employees perspective – the 2 highest ranking issues were time commitments and technical competence.
To review the results, go to: