From Computer to Cactus!

I noticed this article in the Sydney Morning Herald the other day – it’s a rather amusing take on how to destroy your computer – without really trying – in 7 easy steps:
1. Leave your computer plugged in during an electrical storm – surge protectors don’t cover lightening strikes directly to your house!
2. Sit your computer on the floor to save desk space – and find a new dust magnetic that eventually clogs up the system!
3. Your computer and monitor make terrific shelves – block the air vents and watch your system overheat and melt down!
4. Just add water and stand back – food and drinks tipped into/onto the system – not just the keyboard!
5. Don’t give me any static – fiddling inside the computer without anti-stat procedures!
6. Just drop it – a personal favourite of mine with laptops!
7. Mr Fix-it – when you – or worse a friend – attempts to fix something….

Missing from the list:
1. Pets – cats that can totally re-configure all your settings by placing 1 or more paws on the keyboard. Perhaps even lying on it!
2. Leaking ceilings – particularly during Sydney storms – the drips elegantly find their way to my systems. Solution? Cover the office in black crime scene plastic….and hope….
3. Pets, again – change number 2 above to include sucking in dog hair in molting season!
4. Children – too many possiblities to list here…!
5. Theft – laptops again…

Any more ideas?