September Overview

The last 2 weeks seemed to be totally focused on blogs – have you noticed?? Or is it just me?
The Flexible Learning Framework have released 2 new guides:
On your mark, get set, blog!
Teaching and learning with blogs
Meanwhile, in the US, Learning Circuits (American Society of Training & Development’s free e-zine) has released a guide in their “Answer Geek” section on blogs and the technology.
But wait there’s more…I presented (with a couple of colleagues) to UTS academics (over 100 people attended) on the implications of using blogs in teaching and learning!
And we’re also going to be running 2 hour workshops on setting up blogs and integrating them into pedagogical frameworks – yes, including the assessment issues!

So it has to be more than the just the full moon that has put blogs right on the radar screen of some many practitioners!
Interestingly, I still find a large portion my presentation time is spent explaining the concept and trying to justify to the audience that blogs DO matter!
I will be summarising my presentation into a paper that will be available on the LTUG website shortly.
But if you can’t wait for that – did you happen to see Mondo Thingo on the ABC last Thursday (23 Sep) night? A Sydney cab driver is interviewing his passengers (with their permission) and then capturing the issues and posting them to his blog! You can see the whole story on the ABC website:
And make you also visit the blog too!

So – the message is: Keep on blogging!