Rapid e-Learning

Josh Bersin from Bersin Associates has published an interesting study on the appropriateness of using rapid e-Learning approaches – through the use of rapid authoring tools and the use of instructional templates.
The report is overviewed by Macromedia on this link

A useful guide or taxonomy has been developed – The Four Categories of Training – that breaks down some of the courses traditionally provided in organisations and suggests which technological approach may be best suited.
Briefly the 4 categories are:
Information Broadcast – quickly let your learners know about a change – rapid e-Learning is great for this use.
Critical Knowledge Transfer – quickly let everyone know of a change, ensure they have read and understood the content or changes. Again – they recommend the rapid e-Learning approach.
Develop New Skills – they recommend a more traditional approach – either classroom or blended options.
Create Certified Competencies – a blend of traditional methods – perhaps incorporating simulations, rapid e-Learning, exercises and assessment that lead to certification.

For practitioners that are often required to use these templates in rapid authoring software or their LMS this is a useful guide!
You can also visit the Bersin Associates site and download the slides from a webinar conducted on the Rapid e-Learning study.