Review of Robin Mason’s VC

Wed 8 September – videoconference – presented by Robin Mason, hosted by LearnTel.
Robin from the Open Uni in the UK is a specialist in teaching and learning online – with a new book shortly to be published: “Connectecon: Learning for the connected generation”.
Robin admits that some of the content in her new book may be controversial but strongly beliefs in the value of re-framing our practices.
She has addressed the impact of the internet on learning and see a move away from content and a move towards process – creating an openness from the learners to new technology and change.

She sees learning as situated in action – intertwined with judgement and exploration.
She believes there is a need to capitalise on informal learning attributes through peer learning, online communities and the value of browsing the web.
As educators we need to move away from teaching facts and become less rigid in our views of gaining knowledge.
Part of our role as educators is to help learners build confidence as self-directed learners – as educators we need to understand “learning how to e-Learn”! (When was the last time you did an e-Learning course or event – as a student?!)

Robin emphasised the importance of assessment and the need for changing the nature of our teaching through assessment – these comments were keenly received and discussed in our question time – it really feels like an issue that some many educators are dissatisfied with, yet are struggling to develop the “perfect” model!
The issue of plagarism was raised and Robin commented that cleverly designed assessment should bring the students knowledge out – perhaps through the use of portfolios that requires the students to submit a selection of activities from the course and comment on their learning – and using their contributions to the online activities to demonstrate that!

Robin believes in the future that there will be a growth in the personalisation of learning, with individual students having more control.

Robin did also comment that there would be some students that will never take to the online environment and learning – perhaps there are also educators in the same boat?
She coined a lovely new phrase: “collaboration fatigue” – some students have reported the stress and pressure of too much online group work as the cause for this!!!! I bet the e-Moderators get this too!

If you missed this VC, you can download the slides from the LearnTel site OR why not join the ongoing discussion on QuickTopic!!!

Love to hear your views or comments any of the above issues!