August Overview

Well, it’s been quite a month – there seems to be so much happening in the technologies field that I find myself scanning the press daily, using my news aggregator to gather updates from websites for me and yet I somehow I feel that I’m not totally up-to-date with all the latest!

But does it really matter?? Yes – I think it probably does!
As learning professionals, committed to the use of technologies, how can we ignore the marketplace. The challenge is the integration of these technologies into our learning environments – are we using them because they’re new and cool? Or are we using them because they can enhance the learning opportunities for our students or participants?

Our webinar for September looks at one practitioner’s ability to identify technologies that her students have already embraced and how she has integrated them into her teaching practices – see below for more details!

There’s lots of events coming up towards the end of 2004 – mainly in our region – I’ve listed a few highlights but I’m sure there’s more!
Someone asked me about the value of attending conferences recently, what do you really gain? Personally, I try to attend as many as I can! It’s not dissimilar to my new aggregator – I can gather a wide range of perspectives and applications that I can then evaluate for my own practice – if we don’t stay across the variety, the successful strategies, and the not so successful strategies how will we maintain our value and currency to our workplaces and more importantly our relevance to our learners?

Elliot Masie has published his “701 e-Learning Tips” based on 47,365 responses from his readers – follow the link below to download the file.

And finally – don’t miss our special membership offer for September – if you’re currently not a member or perhaps know others that would benefit from becoming a member – join in September and receive 3 months free – the offer is outlined below!