Back on the air

Finally arrived back in London after a few delays out of Vienna.
Thought: Even a 2 hour flight can take nearly a day!
1 day to gather my thoughts and then head down to Somerset in England for the EB2 International management conference – not as a presenter or participant – simply a signifcant partner!
I was really excited when the weather looked awful (what a surprise) – this meant I could avoid my desires to explore the historic sites in the town of Taunton (and they are significant) – it provided me the opportunity to spend time reviewing the BlogTalk conference and putting all my thoughts into context for my PhD and how to move forward with areas of inquiry….
Great intentions cannot always be fulfilled!
Alas – the Castle doesn’t have wireless connections, or in fact broadband connections – this meant I was using the phone in the room and calling my ISP in Australia – ooooh – now that’s expensive….
So I had to revert to traditional paper & pen notes – seemed weird after Vienna and the high speed wireless access available just about everywhere you went!
Now that I’m back in London I’m finding the discipline of converting the paper & pen notes to my blog tedious – so – I’ll look for salient points and create some directions from there…
watch this space, but don’t hold your breath!