Wimbledon “live”

Wow – I’m sitting in my hotel room in Vienna – trying desparately to watch the men’s final from Wimbledon but the TV stations keep cutting over to other sport – like the Tour de France or Euro 2004 preparations!
So – I’ve gone on to the Wimbledon site and I can “watch” it live – how? No – not court cam – but score updates and single line comments on each point – quite gripping actually! Great statistics coming through immediately on the page too!

Off to watch Euro 2004 final in a Viennese bar tonight – in a couple of hours! Pretty big sport weekend in Europe – particularly with Greece in the Euro finals and the Olympics around the corner…

PS. Did I mention about the wireless connectivity in Vienna? Sensational – my hotel is “wired” and I can use my laptop anywhere (free – well, included in the room rate) – fast connections too! Soooo cool!