Q&A with Saul Carliner

By Lisa Neal, Editor-In-Chief, eLearn Magazine
While we’re looking at future issues and trends – this recent interview with Saul Carliner highlights some interesting observations:

Few observers are as astute as Saul Carliner, an e-learning veteran who examines data and trends to predict where the industry is going and why. Saul has a foot in multiple worlds: He has extensive industry experience, serves as assistant professor of educational technology at Concordia University in Montréal, Québec, and has authored five books including the forthcoming Advanced Web-based Training: Adapting Real World Strategies in Your Online Learning (with Margaret Driscoll). Saul, a frequent conference presenter, was an invited speaker at E-Learn 2003 on the implications from an annual survey of training directors. Saul and I followed up a conversation at the conference with the e-mail exchange that follows:

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