May – Book of the Month

Relearning to e-Learn: Strategies for Electronic Learning and Knowledge, by M.S. Bowles
published by Melbourne University Publishing, April 2004.
What the publisher says: “Relearning to E-Learn is for e-learning practitioners at all levels. It provides a credible, comprehensive look at both where elearning is today, at all the elements that affect it and the potential it holds for future learning.”
Available as both a paperback (A$49.95) and an e-Book (A$39.95)! Also you can download a free sample chapter.
What the reviews say: ‘What better topic than this to launch the publisher’s innovative e-book list . . . The e-book is clearly the main product, enhanced by full colour, fully interactive material, rich in graphics, embedded links and extras such as glossary and acronyms lists, and easily updateable . . .This title will be of interest to educators across the subject spectrum as well as to corporates keen to facilitate cost-effective, value-adding staff training and development.’ (Australian, 7/4/2004)