Welcome to LTUG!

As this is my first posting to the LTUG blog, I feel it is appropriate to include a welcome!
So Welcome to the blogosphere of Learning Technologies for all new bloggers, all new LTUG members, old bloggers, in fact – welcome to anyone that wishes to participate in our blog!

LTUG has grown from “what if we…” type comments into reality and launched itself officially in December, 2003 at the Learning Technologies conference in Queensland. The official website will shortly be launched but it felt appropriate, as I am an advocate for blogging to learn, that the blog took our first step!

What will you find here? Musings, opinions and topics of interest – we hope! You will be able to submit comments and search the archives for past postings, which we have also categorised for ease of reference.
You can go straight to the category of your interest by clicking on the link in the left-hand column!

Active participation from all members of LTUG is the most valuable assest of this blog – please drop by regularly and contribute, or simply enjoy our travels through the blogosphere.

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