Digital Dialogues in foreign language teaching

I’m currently preparing for a lecture to Japanese post-grad teachers that will be teaching Japanese to Australians.
I’m specifically going to address the use of blogs to enhance learning in foreign language teaching!
Wow – now that I’ve started thinking of ideas – well, they’re endless!

An article by Richard Orem, Journal Writing in Adult ESL: Improving Practice Through Reflective Writing, (2001) in Promoting Journal Writing in Adult Education eds. Leona English & Marie Gillen – talks about dialogue journals between students and teachers. What a perfect space for a blog!
A conversation between the writer and the reader that attempts to simulate an authentic exchange!

What about translation activities?
What about collaborative writings – perhaps the students can practice their skills and receive feedback from their fellow students and/or their teachers.

As a speaker of a couple of foreign languages, my written skills are often forgotten (or non-existant) – what fun to be able to practice in the blog-o-sphere!